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spear- clr-0005.png?1408892253197


hall nye 2010 0007.JPG?1401458074088

Nice Size Stage

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bar hall 2010 0002.JPG?1401458347201

Just off the barroom

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~ ~

Handicap Accessible

~ ~

Private Restrooms

~ ~

Newly Remodeled

~ ~

Private Entrance

~ ~

Separate Bar Facilities

~ ~

Off-Street Parking

~ ~

The room can be divided by the folding doors for meetings & smaller parties

~ ~

Need For Last Minute Events

Funerals, Wakes, etc.


We understand this is a stressful time and will do everything to make it as easy as possible for you. Because of the short time to prepare, your menu choices may be limited but we will make every attempt to put together a menu to please you and your guests.

~ ~

Not as large, but very nice for luncheons, we have a room off the barroom that might fit your need

~ ~

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spear- clr-0005.png?1408892046023
hall nye 2010 0009.JPG?1401457872450
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hall nye 2010 0008.JPG?1401458269642

Still plenty of room for the Dance Floor & Stage

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bar hall 2010 0001.JPG?1401458492904
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